Люблю мир и людей
oops, i did it again. if the rule not carried on maybe i need to change that rule. the weather is awful. or beautiful. it's depend on point of view. when your point of view lays deep in convenient bed or chair and you don't need to go on street this rain and wet is just right for you. it was too long phrase. and i have knew that word 'convenient' recently and now it't constantly folloving me. i have been writing this post for half an hour. and i can't stop thinking about how much series i could see during this time. exactly one but it doesn't matter. serial suits for the weather too better than writing stupid diary.


Люблю мир и людей
it seems to me that somebody has missed a time for her new post, isn't it? honestly the reason is thai i don't khow what i can write about. maybe i should have make a list of themes. i don't want write about my everyday live. i have the other diary for it. and there i don't write often. as if all thougths in my mind have losted. or i just tired of my life. because it became boring and day by day is all the same. so, themes (i've taken it from the internet):
1. the weather. it is a favorite theme of small talks, i bet
2. review of all that i reading or watching right now.
3. just ten good or pleasant things, events for today. nice joke.
4. new facts which i have discowered today.

now i have a plan for the next time and hope it will be easier.


Люблю мир и людей
i think i need some workplace last time. it's uncomfortable that i haven't the one. i even haven't a table and big chair. i can't focus on something when i am sitting in bed or at the table in kitchen. maybe i should to clean and prepare my little table? but how can i cope with the noise of computer of av in that room? at least i will buy battary (battery?) light for drawing. i want to have my own room, to be honest. it would be great to staying lonely sometimes. if i had my room i would sleep in it and create. but what a silly dreams!


Люблю мир и людей
so this day came. i've khown that this diary will be useful for me some day. i decided to make notes in english. some rules:
1. i have to write about ten phrases but not less that ten
2. i haven't to use any clues like dictionary if i forgot a word or a construction. i will make my thought more simple and use only words i remember. but i will watch words which i can't remember or even didn't know after writing the post.
3. i have to write every three days at least. i know that i can't write every day and don't want even promise that because i will feel shame in future.
my target is to learn translate my thoughts and use only words i have already known.
and i'll paste my posts in google translate and laugh. that's all for today.

к успеху пришла